15 Interesting Funny Facts on Mango

15 Interesting Funny Facts on MangoMango Scientific name –“ Mangifera Indica” .The fruit of the Mango is called a Drupe – consisting of the mesocarp (edible fleshy part) and endocarp (large woody, flattened pit).

15 Interesting Funny Facts on Mango

Ancient story says that an evil sorceress had burnt the sun princess to ashes from which grew the mango tree and also An emperor fell in love with the mango flower and fruit of that tree. So when the ripened mango fell to the ground, it turned into a beautiful princess.

Mango originated in East coastal lines of India bordering Andaman and Burma .Buddhist monk introduced mango to Malaysia,eastern Asia .Persian traders took mango to Africa then Portuguese brought it to Brazil and the West Indies

The name ‘Mango’ is derived from the Tamil word ‘mangkay’ or ‘man-gay’ then Portuguese traders who settled in Western India named mangay as ‘manga’.

Mango considered as king of fruits for its wide variety found throughout the world and for its Nutritional Benefits .Mango is also called as super food that holds more than  20 different vitamins and minerals.

Some of the popular types of Mangoes in India are Alphonsos,Badami,Chausa and Dasheri,Bombay Green, Amrapali, Kishenbhog, Mankurad,Pairi and Fazli.mango benefits

Very interesting facts about mango tree is that it can bear fruits even after 300 years.

The mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, Philippines and Mango tree is also the national tree of Bangladesh.

Telugu or Kannada New Year Day (also known as Ugadi festival in Kannada ) celebration meals adds with ugadi pachadi (mango pieces – side dish as one of the main ingredients).

The leaves of the Mango tree used ritually for decorations at ceremonies and even weddings in Indian cultures

Offering basket of Mangoes to someone is considered a gesture of friendship and also it stands for love according to Hindu mythology.Over 20 million tons of Mangoes are grown in the tropics and sub tropics.

Research on Mango tree indicated that seed,pulp,steam,leaves are medicinally potential.Mango is considered in treatment for various disease like diabetics,ulcer,cardiovascular,allergic,liver and kidney disorder,fungal infection,nervous disorder,cancer,bacterial infection.

mango nutrition chart

Mango seed is rich in Stearic acid which is used to make soap.Mango seed kernal extract used for food cosmetic and pharmaceutical application.

Important health benefit of mango is protecting human body against damage by providing lot of reactive oxygen and nitrogen supply .

Mango peel contains pigments with antioxidant properties including carotenoids, polyphenols that counteract free radicals in different disease processes

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