A cup of Papaya after a meal

Papaya  also known as pawpaws that reduces the risk of heart disease,cancers, improving blood sugar level,diabetes.Papaya a rich source of antioxidant and nutrients like flavonoids ,carotene,vitamin C, vitamin B.Papaya is a good source of fiber and minerals such as magnesium.Papaya mainly help to improve cardiovascular health and protect against colon cancer.

A cup of Papaya after a meal
A cup of Papaya after a mea

Benefits of Papaya for Health are

  • Lowers cholesterol level,
  • Boost immunity,
  • Protect bones,
  • Prevent anti aging,
  • prevent cancer,
  • Regulates menstruation,
  • Provide stronger immunity,
  • Weight loss,
  • Skin care.

We might have experienced a slow, poor digestion after heavy meat meal. Even after having a walk we may feel as if food is not yet digested. Why this does happens so?Meat we eat has animal protein that contains cholesterol and fats rich in protein.

Person may not produce enough stomach acid ,protein digesting enzyme (papain)is not active enough.A clear solution for this problem is “a cup of Papaya might help you after a meat meal”.

A cup of Papaya after a meal

PAPAYA can help to balance diet sins.Our body needs protein for body building and at the same time digestion of Protein food is also much more important.We know papaya fruit as a low protein content fruit.One of the remarkable quality of Papaya is papain present in papaya fruit.The presence of papain , a digestive super enzyme, help in digestion by breaking down proteins and also clear the digestive tract .

PAPAIN AS THE STRONGEST PROTEIN DIGESTING ENZYME.Papain can digest high protein food and set amino acid for easy and quick digestion.papain is active in the digestive system in sour,alkaline.papaya is much more helpful in old people who might have a improper digestion.

 A cup of Papaya might help you after a meat meal.Daily intake of papaya reduces colon cancer, constipation, cardiovascular problem,piles,stroke.

A cup of Papaya after a meal


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