Best way to remove Pesticides and Wax from fruits

Now a days too much of chemicals , pesticides are used for growing vegetables as well as fruits.These pesticides are used to kill insects that damage the crops.Even in organic fruits and vegetables ,less amount of pesticides are used to protect the crops.

In other ways, fruits and vegetables are preserved using chemicals in market to increase its durability as well as increase its freshness.

For example
Apple is said have shiny wax coated to maintain the texture for long days.Green bananas coated with chitosan aerogel, that help us to keep bananas fresh for up to two weeks.Same as apple – orange is also said to be coated with thin layer of wax to attract people .

We all are aware of Waxes, chemicals, fertilizer like Urea and pesticides Bacillus Thuringiensis,sulfur compounds sticking over the surface of market Fruits and vegetable, so there are 2 tips given below to remove Pesticides and remove Wax from fruits. It is necessary to remove the chemicals before we eat because these will produce high risk for healthy life style.

Best way to remove Pesticides and Wax from fruits

Best way to remove Pesticides and Wax from fruits
Best way to remove Pesticides and Wax from fruits

Method 1:Add Vinegar and water to the sink or container as four part of water and one part vinegar. Before cooking soak the fruits/vegetables in that sink or container added with vinegar and water. Soak fruits for 10-15 min , after that remove the fruits from sink  or container; you can see the impurities left in the liquid. We shall clean these fruits once again in the fresh water before cooking.

Method2 :Prepare solution to spray over the fruits and vegetable to remove Pesticides and Wax.

  • Baking soda – 1 cup
  • Water-1 cup
  • Vinegar – 1 cup
  • Grape seed extract – few drops (optional)
  • Lemon juice – 2 tbsp

Spray and keep fruits aside for few minutes. Once chemicals are removed, wash the fruits with clean fresh water before cooking.

I kindly request each and every reader of this blog to make sure you eat a healthy food with fruits and Forward the importance of eating fruits daily. Your comments are always welcome in my inbox Have a happy life – make your life happy… Cheers


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