Cucumber is a Fruit or Vegetable

Cucumber is a fruit or vegetable
Cucumber is a fruit or vegetable

Cucumber is a widely cultivated plant comes under the family, Cucurbitaceae.Cucumber is classified as a pepo, a type of botanical berry like tomato and squash.Cucumber is good Antioxidant agent boost our immunity and Reduce Your Risk of Cancer.

Cucumber is best in cooling and Hydrating which is mainly consumed more during summer in tropical areas.Cucumber face pack act as good Skin Care fight against Fight Inflammation and infections over skin.Cucumber is a good Antioxidant that Provide Strong Bones,memory power, Prevent Heart Problems,Digestive disorder and Cancer.

There is always a confusion whether cucumber,tomato,pumpkins are vegetables or fruits.Cucumber  rich in vitamins, minerals.Cucumber used for cooking as well as eating raw in salads.

Variety of cucumber dishes found common between us are – Cucumber pickle,Cucumber salad,Cucumber juice,Cucumber Sandwich and Cucumber burger.Mostly Cucumber is used raw in salads ,sandwich without cooking.

Cucumber is a fruit or vegetable

Cucumber is a fruit
Cucumber is a fruit

Yes, Botanically Cucumber  is a fruit, because

  • Cucumber formed from a flower.
  • Cucumber contains seeds.
  • Cucumber mature ovary of a flowering plant.
  • Cucumber shall be eaten raw.

As per scientifically saying “A fruit should have certain criteria”.

  • fruit should be a seed bearing structure in flowering plants.
  • fruit should be formed from the ovary after flowering.
  • fruit should carry seeds and can be eaten raw.

As per vegetable – or  – Culinary means ” for cooking ”
Any part of the plant namely fruit, Stems, leaves, roots, flower that is edible for cooking is considered to be vegetable. So as per culinary concept of cooking,Cucumber is considered as vegetable. Cucumber can be eaten raw in salads without cooking.

We think that all edible cooking ingredient from plants as vegetables. No Certainly not. There are some culinary vegetables that are Botanically called as fruits namely Cucumber, tomato, pumpkin.

Cucumber is a fruit as per botanist.

I kindly request each and every reader of this blog to make sure you eat a healthy food with fruits and Forward the importance of eating fruits daily. Your comments are always welcome in my inbox Have a happy life – make your life happy… Cheers


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