Durian fruit important health facts

Durian fruit important health facts
Durian fruit important health facts

Durian fruit is also known as king of fruits and scientifically called as Durio zibethinus. Durian fruit has pleasant sweet butter like appearance. Durian also has a strong odor- that cannot be tolerated sometimes.

Durian fruit  important health facts are Improve Fertility,Strong Bones ,Avoid Anemic,Maintain pressure,Prevent cancer,Anti aging.

This durian fruit mainly found in Southeast Asia .It is high in vitamin C help in Diabetics reduces headache depression stress , mainly it reduces fertility problem.A single serving of Durian fruit contains over 350 calories and 13 grams of fat.

Durian fruit  important health facts

Prevent cancer
Durian contains rich amount of antioxidant and Vitamin B complex, vitamin c and vitamin D. These protects the body from oxidative stress and reduces free radical damage that is cell cycle damage and DNA damages. Durian benefit in preventing many cancer.

important health facts
important health facts

Maintain pressure
Durian packed with large potassium .These potassium balance salt and fluid level through the cells and body. Reduces stress on the veins and arteries.Durian help in good circulation of oxygen to the brain and reduces the blood pressure and stress level.

Anti aging
Benefit of Durian,reduces the chance of premature aging.Wrinkles ,blackspots,muscle degeneration in early ages.Variety of antioxidant present in durian act as herbal medicine for curing early aging symptoms

Strong Bones
Durian is a great source of magnesium potassium copper that help in developing strong bones.Durian prevent the development of osteoporosis in early age .Interesting fact of Durian is the presence of calcium, potassium and B vitamins.Durian help in preventing degeneration of bone and teeth in early age.

Avoid Anemic
Durian is a good source of iron and copper that is helpful in production of  red blood cells. Sufficient level of blood cell formation in our body reduce the anemic in our body.

Improve Fertility
Women who suffer from infertility usually have a low estrogen level in their body.Estrogen is a hormone help in Pregnanacy in Women. Durain initiate the development of Estrogen  in women.

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  1. The reason this fruit is often considered controversial is because the smell has a divisive effect on people. This has led durian to be banned on public transportation in certain Asian nations, and the avid fans of the health benefits of durian are balanced by those who are repulsed by the sight and smell of this powerful fruit.


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