Fruits that helps Nerves Function properly

Fruits that helps nerves function properly
Fruits that helps nerves function properly

Fruits that helps Nerves Function properly are
Citrus fruits,

Fruits that helps Nerves Function properly

Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium that help in regulating blood flow and blood pressure level in our body.Potassium is also important for the health of your nervous system. High content of Potassium,vitamin B6 present in Bananas promote good muscles contraction and muscle relaxants.

vitamin B6 present in Banana provide body to synthesize its own serotonin, which is known as neurotransmitter and promotes relaxation in our body.Banana also contain amino acid called tryptophan ,help in converting into serotonin and melatonin (neurotransmitter) in the brain cells.

Citrus Fruit
Flavonoids act as anti-inflammatory agent that protect against the nervous disorder. Flavonoids present in citrus fruits help in protecting against neuro degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, which result in breakdown of cells in the nervous system.Top 5 health benefits of citrus fruitsCitrus Fruits are rich source of vitamin C ,help in fighting against inflammation.Latest study has announced that Hesperidin and Apigenin found in citrus known as flavonoid,that protect brain cells from damage.

Avocado packed with high amount of Vitamin B-5 content,which help in protecting against stress . Avocado is responsible for generating hormones against stress and also protect nervous disorders.

benefits of avocado
Avocados is a powerful nutrient booster

Vitamin B5 present in Avocado help in producing chemical acetylcholine, that promote communication between nerve cancelling found in avocado also help in transmission between nerve cells.

Vitamin C found in Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries and Raspberries help to eradicate stress by producing stress related hormones. Berry fruits reduce the symptoms of depression and calm down the nervous system from tension.
Berries are rich source of antioxidant ,reduce the occurrence of infections in brain cells and protect from cell damage.Berries also improve the nerve transmission and signaling capacity in brain.

ApplesApple is Best for Nervous System
Apples associated with rich antioxidant called phenolics, which protect your nerve cells from free radical damage.Apples contain high amount of potassium responsible for normal heart beat rate,good blood flow and blood pressure.Apples also reduce the risk of heart problems,stroke and stress.

Fruits that helps Nerves Function properly

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