Fruits that cure Urinary infection

Some of the Fruits cure Urinary infection are
Cranberries ,

Fruits that cure Urinary infection

Blueberries helps in protecting from urinary tract infections. Blueberry antioxidant compounds help in preventing bacteria growth in bladder walls. blueberries rich in enzyme called proanthocyanidins that protect from bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract.vitamin C in blueberry ,flushes bacteria from the urinary tract.

Lemon juice is an acidic citrus fruit which stimulates metabolic activity in the body to turn the blood, urinary and digestive systems into alkaline.Lemon ( immune ) fruit prevents kidney stone formation decreases urinary saturation of calcium (crystals) and the acidity level in urine.

Pineapple loaded with high amount of enzymes that speed up your recovery time .Daily intake of pineapple reduce inflammation in the bladder.Regular intake of pineapple helps in protecting from urinary tract infections

Cranberries also prevent bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract.Cranberries are excellent antibiotic and antioxidant .Cranberries increase the acidity level of the urine.Cranberries eliminate bacteria from the walls of the urinary tract.

Grapes is a best fruit for reducing urinary tract infection. Grapes are rich in vitamins,antioxidants help in reducing inflammations.Grapes are said to be highly diuretic that help promote our daily recovery.Grapes provide us with excellent vitamins,rich in antioxidants promote our daily recovery from bacterial infections.

Papayas fruit are high acidity that helps to remove bacteria and protect urinary tract from infections. Papayas is a natural source of antioxidants and vitamin C promote detoxifying.benefits of papayasince Papayas rich in antioxidant and fiber content ,provide free cleansing movement in the bladder, intestines,colon.Daily consumption of Papaya juice , detoxify your body ,maintain ph level,reduce inflammation and promote healing.papaya leaves as well as fruit considered as best antibiotic agent fight against bacterial infections,virus.Fruits that cure Urinary infection

Fruits that cure Urinary infection


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