Juicing Advice


From dailyonefruit blog  you can get  fruit based recipes and that is fruit salad,fruit juice,fruit recipe.keep in mind the below mentioned points while cooking.

Juicing Advice

  • Cooking fruits in heat for a long time might make fruits vitamin worthless.
  • Be sure you cook fruits not more than 2 min.
  • Do not use more than 4 ice cubes for a 1/2 liter juice.
  • Eating fruits before solid food will give you a good result in your health.
  • Need to avoid adding too much of sugar to fruit juice.
  • Instead of sugar we can use honey,palm sugar.
  • Do not grind orange and lemon with seeds because seeds might give you tiredness .
  • Make orange,lemon juice using squeezer .
  • Select the fruits that are organic.May be organic are expensive but the fruits will be having no concentration of pesticides.Fruits for babies and pregnant ladies shall be organic.
  • if it is not organic , use fruits that are grown under less pesticides.
  • Wash your fruits in such a way that remove all the dirt and contamination.
  • Once the juice is prepared,drink juice as soon as possible,so that you shall utilize the antioxidant completely.
  • fruit juice might lose its nutrients after 15 min at the temperature.So drink juice as soon as possible.
  • In case if you are preserving the juice in the refrigerator, please be sure that the fruit juice is kept under airtight jar.
  • while selecting fruits for babies , it is good to select the preferred once for them.
  • Also pregnant ladies need to be careful while selecting their fruits. Not all fruits will be good for them.
  • Heat the fruits and then make puree for the first food for babies.
  • Please ensure the digestion time of times and how much calories it carries.
  • Choose the best and worst time to have fruits.best time will be early morning.
  • To avoid constipation ,choose the fruits having lot of fiber content.
  • Avoid eating fruits after a meat meal, because it might ferment your food immediately.


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