Remedy for Constipation Problem

Remedy for Constipation Problem
Remedy for Constipation Problem

Health Benefits of Grapes are Reduce Cholesterol ,Act as good Antioxidants,Reduce Heart Disease,Reduce High Blood Pressure,Reduce Constipation,Fights Breast Cancer,regulate type 2 Diabetes,Improve Brain Power,Supports Muscle Recovery,Protect Your Body from Radiation,Treatment For Hair Loss,Macular Degeneration,Heals Kidney Disorders.Researchers discovered that grapes can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides by affecting enzymes that is responsible for the regulation of fat level in our blood.

Remedy for Constipation Problem

Now a days this Constipation problem is a head ache for most of the working people.why does this Constipation occurs? whats is the remedy for this problem?

Constipation occurs due to

  • poor digestion 
  • not eating on time
  • intake of less water
  • poor digestion due to less digestive enzyme present in the stomach.

Major Symptoms for constipation

  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Painful tears in the skin around the anus (anal fissures)
  • increase of heat in our body
  • head ache
  • cold
  • disturbed sleep

Aged people have less digestive enzyme and low quantity of  good bacteria might lead to sever constipation.what is going to be the solution for constipation problem?

Grapes Cure Constipation
Grapes are known as laxative food as they are rich in sugar, organic acid and cellulose.Grapes also contain fiber, which is essential for reducing constipation.Grapes also  known as “Super-food” because it have some special components like (vitamins like phlobaphene, quercetine, gallic acid, silicic acid, salicilic acid, phosphoric acid, oxalic acid, pectins, tannic substances, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin A,vitamin C  and folic acid) that are important to our health.

Grapes containing flavonoids which might be very effective antioxidants, that could lessen the damage due to free radicals and slow down ageing old.Take 35 fresh black grapes,make  juice ,drink this juice for 2 days you will get a good result immediately.Daily intake of grape juice will reduce the risk of piles development in our body.

I kindly request each and every reader of this blog to make sure you eat a healthy food with fruits and Forward the importance of eating fruits daily. Your comments are always welcome in my inbox Have a happy life – make your life happy… Cheers


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