Top 15 Iron content Fruits to cure Anemia

Top 15 Iron content Fruits to cure Anemia
Top 15 Iron content Fruits to cure Anemia

It is important that Sufficient iron content is necessary to complete our metabolic functions.Pregnant women need about 27 mg of iron daily for good growth of the baby,where as kids require 7 to 10 mg of iron daily and 8 – 18 mg of iron daily needed for normal man and women.

Top 15 Iron content Fruits to cure Anemia

List of Top Iron content Fruits
Olive contain 3.3 g
Raisin contain 2.59g
Dates contain 0.9g
Prunes contain 0.9g
Orange contain 0.8g
sapote contain 0.78g
Raspberry contain 0.69g
Blackberry contain 0.62g
lime contain 0.6g
Avocado contain 0.55g
Strawberry contain 0.41g
Apricot contain 0.39g
Fig contain 0.37g
Cherry contain 0.36g
Grape contain 0.36g

Iron deficiency leads to anemia and mental,physical weakness in our body.Iron naturally increase the blood volume,red blood cell production,that increase the oxygen to the muscles and brain.Good amount of iron content is necessary to protect the nervous system from weakness.

Olive fruits is not only a good source of calcium,vitamin C, but also contain a high amount of Iron with 3.3 gm per 100 gm.Iron in Olive fruits provide complete protection against anemia and controls blood pressure level.

Intake of Raisin daily helps you to increase the red blood cells,that supports your immune system essential for metabolism. Raisins are accepted to consume daily to avoid anemic conditions.It is found to provide 2.59gm of iron in 100gm of raisins.

Dates fruit packed with essential nutrients like, Potassium,vitamins,minerals,so it is recommended daily for pregnant ladies.Dates contain 0.9gm of iron in 100gm, which protect against nervous disorder and free radical damage.

Prunes also known as dried plums help in rectifying vision problem and iron deficiency.Prunes hold about 0.9gm of iron in 100gm, that fight against blood disorder and boost immunity.Purnes is also considered as powerhouse of vitamin K,beta-carotene and minerals like potassium, iron.

Daily intake of Orange juice shall help in regulating blood pressure and protect against free radical growth.100 gm of orange contain about 0.8gm of iron.Orange provide a decent iron content that improve your blood cells count.

Sapote are also a excellent source of folate,known as important nutrient for pregnant women.Sapote Fruit contain 0.78gm of iron in 100 gm,that act as a best antioxidant,boost immune system,regulate blood pressure,improve blood count,protect from heart disease.

Raspberries are rich in Iron,Vitamin C, which boost immunity,protect from illnesses and inflammations.0.69 gm of iron found in 100gram of Raspberry.Raspberry contain antioxidant phenol and anthocyanin that help in protecting against cancer, viral infections.

Blackberry hold a decent iron content of about 0.62gm in 100 gm.The presence of phyto-estrogens in Blackberries help in improving the immune system of the body.Regular intake of blackberries helps in fighting against infections and other illnesses.

Lime contain rich flavonoids and iron content that is essential for blood count and muscles development.0.6 gm of iron found in 100 gm of Lime.Lime juice hold high vitamin C,calcium naturally which ensure the bone health and protect intestinal disorder.

Avocado assists in good absorption of vitamins and minerals in our body.0.55gm of iron in 100 gm of Avacado deliver high amount of vitamin A and iron content which protect us from harmful disease, digestive disorder, serious infections.

Usually Strawberries are rich in High fiber, folate,iron content.0.41 gm of iron found in 100 gm of Strawberries.Strawberries provide zero fats, with high levels of antioxidants like vitamin C and phyto-chemicals. Strawberries also reduce cholesterol and help in strengthening of cardiac muscles that lead to better heart functioning.

Apricot fruit hold a high amount of fiber and vitamin C content.Apricot contain 0.39 gm of iron in 100 gm. Apricot help in reducing weight,protect from cancer,kidney failure and improve RBC blood cells.

Fig packed with minerals like zinc, manganese, magnesium and iron in a decent quantity,that contribute in good reproductive health.fig contain about 0.37 gm of iron in 100 gm. Fig is a good source of dietary fiber, that help in protecting against post-menopausal breast cancer and hormonal imbalances during pregnancy.

Cherries contain powerful antioxidants like anthocyanins and cyanidin, which strengthen immune system,protect heart from high pressure,stress.Cherry hold 0.36 gm iron content in 100 gm.Cherry fruit also aids in weight loss and reduce obesity.

Grapes contain high levels of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A and iron content.100 gm of grapes contain 0.36 gm of iron.Grapes provide a healthy immune system against serious health disease.

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