Top 17 Fruits with More Water Content

fruits with high water content
fruits with high water content

Water is a very vital ingredient to Balance our Body Fluids.Water aids in good digestion, absorption of food, blood circulation, production of saliva and maintain body temperature.Fruits Water provide a good electrolytes which balance ph level as well as help in over all body metabolic activities.Consuming those water fruits, can easily escape from summer dryness and dehydration problem.

Certain Fruits hold high water content (measured in 100 gm )
Tomato 94.52g of water
watermelon 91.45g of water
Star fruit  91.38g of water
Strawberry 90.95g of water
Cantaloupe 90.15g of water
Grapefruit  90g of water
Honeydew melon 89.82g of water
Peach 88.87g of water
Lime juice 88.26g of water
Blackberry 88.15g of water
papaya 88.06g of water
gooseberry 87.87g of water
Nectarine 87.59g of water

Top 17 Fruits with More Water Content

Tomato hold 94.52g of water in 100g.Tomato possess very high amount of water that prevent ph level in our body.Tomato is a best antioxidant ,known to fight against cancer and prevent damage to skin cells.

Lemon is an excellent citrus fruit,act as a best remedy for throat infections,cough,cold,fever,which maintain water content in lungs.91.45g of water in 100g of Lemon .Lemon water in empty stomach known to provide antibacterial,anti fungal,anti-aging effect.

Watermelon are really very good in summer reason since it maintain water content from dryness.91.45g of water found in 100 g of watermelon which is said to be really a good value of electrolyte in it.Watermelon also cure constipation,skin related problems,fight against infections.

Nutritive Value for Carambola star fruit
Nutritive Value for Carambola star fruit

Star fruit
Star fruit hold high amount of water content (100g of Star fruit contain about 91.38g of water).Star fruit juice cure lot of stomach related problems like stomach ulcers,skin inflammations,coughs and heat boils. Daily intake of Star fruit improves digestion.

Strawberry rich in antioxidant like Vitamin-C, folate, anthocyanins, quercetin,  kaempferol, flavonoids. 90.95g of water found in 100g of Strawberry.Strawberry is an excellent antioxidant properties fight against Cancer cell,reduce dehydration and maintain ph level in our body.

Cantaloupe (wedge)
Cantaloupe meant to have high water content of (90.15g of water in 100g).Cantaloupes containing electrolyte content, prevent dehydration during summer and ensure good blood flow throughout the body.Cantaloupe cure stomach disorder like gastric problems ,constipation,ulcer.

Grapefruit rich in vitamin C and calcium hold about 90g in minimum of 100 g that is said to be a great remedy to control constipation.Daily intake of Grapefruit juice stimulates the colon function with good bowel movement and avoid constipation problem.

Honeydew Melon (wedge)
Honeydew melon posses essential minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc.The Honeydew Melon fruit is made up of 90% water – 100 g of Honeydew melon hold about 89.82g of water content.Honeydew melon meant to stores more water in its flesh.

100 g of Peach hold about 88.87g of water.Peaches are rich source of vitamins and minerals cure lot of stomach problems.Peaches hold high water content that give a instant energy for relieving from dullness and dizziness.

Lime juice contain 88.26 g in 100 gm and Lime natural oils are beneficial for skin when consumed orally or applied externally. Drinking warm lime water helps to hydrate the skin. The vitamin C and flavonoids in lime juice help rejuvenate the skin, keep it shining

Blackberry consists of both Insoluble fiber and soluble fiber ,known to give a better absorption of water in the large intestine.Blackberry relives from constipation and maintain hydration throughout the body.100 g of Blackberry consists of 88.15g of water,which aids in good regular bowel movements.

Papaya is a best Antioxidants that hold carotenoids ,which neutralize free radical causing cancer.100 g of papaya contain about 88.06 of water,best to get rid of fever,dullness,cold, reduce oxidative stress,diabetes, liver disease.

100 g of gooseberry contain about 87.87 of water.Gooseberries are also a very good source of antioxidant like vitamin C that boost the immune system, regulate ph electrolyte in our body part,purify blood,help much in diabetic patient.gooseberry also help in good absorption of water and cure cold,fever,infections.

100 g of Nectarine consists of 87.59g of water.Nectarine act as a good antioxidant that cures respiratory problem,reduce obesity and help in weight loss.

100 g of Plum contain about 87.23g of water.Plum hold good amount of electrolyte in our body ,which is known to have reduce the risk of heart related problems,regulate stress,and enhance blood circulation.

100g of Apricot contain about 86.35g of water.Apricot is a rich source of vitamin and calcium ,good for all aged,containing high amount of water content that act as good electrolyte balancing agent.

100 g of Pineapple consists about 86g of water.Pineapple juice is the best remedy for cold,cough,sinus,respiratory tract infections.Daily intake of Pineapple boost immune system,reduces phlegm and mucus build up in the respiratory tracts.

Custard apple
71.5g of water found in 100 g of Custard apple,which is said to be the highest amount among other fruits.Custard apple also deliver high magnesium content ,which help in balancing water and good water absorption in our body. Custard apple, aids in removing joint pains,by reducing the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

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