Top 5 Health Benefits of Mango Butter

Top 5 Health Benefits of Mango ButterMango Seed covers over lot of medicinal potential resulting in curing various diseases in our day to day life. Mango seed is rich in Stearic acid which is used to make soap. Mango seed kernel extract used for food cosmetic and pharmaceutical application.

What is Mango kernel ?
Separate Mango pulp and seed then keep mango seed in the sun heat for 2 days until seed becomes hard brown solid.when shaking ,the seed will produce a solid kernel sound inside. Dried kernel shall be stored in a container for more than years.

What is Mango butter ?
Cut the outer seed and extract the kernel from seed. Solid content inside the kernel is said to be Mango butter.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Mango Butter

Treats Scarscute_face_fashionMango Butter used as medicine for various diseases. Mango butter results similar to cocoa and Shea butters, in moisturizing and protecting the skin. Mango butter result in natural moisturizer and Prevent from Anti-ageing, Fade scars, fine lines, wrinkles, insect bites poison.

Treats dry skinbeautiful_closeup_eyeDaily application of mango butter provide deep moisturizing and repair damaged skin.

Treats dry Lips

Use of Mango butter act as lip balm resulting in removing fine lines and stretch marks over lips

Treats Allergyinsects bit Mango butter act as a moisturizers, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and skin re-generators. Mango butter heals skin rashes, skin peeling, sun tan, itching skin. Relieves insect bites, Enhances healthy rejuvenated skin, cures muscle aches and tension, protect from skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak. Even Psoriasis shall be cured using mango butter.

Treats Sun Tansmiling_female_model_isolated_200584
Mango butter provide skin protection from sun damages. It act as a best healer for skin damages, rashes, acne especially sun tan remover .

Treats Skin CancercancerMango butter has antioxidant property resulting in providing rich oxygen supply to skin radicals that prevent skin Cancer affecting the cells.

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