GrapeFruit Health Benefits Facts Research

GrapeFruit Health Benefits, Facts, ResearchBotanical name of Grape fruit is Citrus paradise.Grapefruit is also known as citrus fruit but it is considered to be very high rank among citrus fruit. Grapefruit is a good source of dietary fibre and also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A as like other citrus fruit. Consuming a cup of grapefruit daily increases our immunity against infection like asthma , osteoarthritis , fever, diabetes, malaria ,constipation, indigestion problem, urinary problem, acidity.

Grapefruit also provide protection against certain harmful diseases like cancer ,heart attack ,tumor. Grapefruit functions like a liver tonic. Grapefruit  contain folate, thiamin, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, flavonoids and anthocyanins .

Latest research has found GrapeFruit Health Benefits like Improve Brain  functioning,Act as Treatment for kidney stone,Boost immunity,Avoid Constipation,Reduces diabetics.

GrapeFruit Health Benefits, Facts, Research

Prevent some heart problem: Latest journal published that grapefruit help to lower bad LDL cholesterol level by 15.5% and triglycerides by 27% . Grapefruit contains high amount of potassium that protect blood vessels reduce blood pressure and heart attack.grapefruits

Good vision: Grapefruit is a good source of vitamin A that enhance good vision, Also help in good performance of optic nerves .vitamin A reduces the risk of muscular degeneration

Prevent cancer: Grapefruit benefit in vitamin C that protect from cell damages and DNA damages. vitamin C and phytonutrients present in grapefruit prevent oxidative stress. Daily consumption of grapefruit help in enhancing cell cycle and muscular formation. grapefruit provide good digestion that avoids Colon cancer

Prevent from lung infection : Grapefruit gives remedy for many respiratory issues. Vitamin C present in grapefruit reduces of asthma ,cold ,sinus ,short breath. Grapefruit also prevent lung cancer.

Reduces diabetics : Diabetic patients are advised to take citrus fruit daily because it reduces the level of starch in the body. Grapefruit is also used as Liver Tonic.Due to the flavonoid content of grapefruits – diabetics can be regulated in our body.

Avoid Constipation: Grapefruit contain rich fibre content. These fibres stimulate the gastric juices and make digestive process,bowel movement easy.

Acidity: Many diseases occurs due to Excess acidity in body grapefruit create alkaline reaction after digestion. Consuming grapefruit juice prevent acid formation after digestion.

Boost immunity: High amount of Vitamin A ,vitamin C,potassium,folate and thiamin present in grapefruit boost immunity, prevent from fever, cold.

kidney stone Treatment : Latest research has found that person drinking 1 1/2 liter grapefruit juice reduces the risk of developing kidney stone.The grapefruit juices  increase urinary pH and reduces the risk of calcium oxalate stones forming.

Improve Brain  functioning:grapefruit juice increases the blood and oxygen flow to the brain

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