Time Taken for Fruit Digestion

Time Taken for Fruit Digestion
Time Taken for Fruit Digestion

Time Taken for Digestion

Yes, it is necessary to know what fruits to eat, when to eat fruits, how to eat fruits and why should we eat the fruits. Digestion is nothing but breaking down food particles into smaller molecules. Food digestion starts from the mouth and moves to stomach and intestine. Stomach filled with digestive acid helps in digestion and absorption of food takes place in intestine.

Doctors suggest fruits juices for patient after surgery or any blood donation because,  fruits are considered as the energy drink and takes very less time to digest.

  1. When water is in-taken in an empty stomach, it leaves immediately and goes to intestine. 0-10 min
  2. Fruit salad takes about 20- 30 minutes to digest.
  3. Fruit juices take about 15- 20 minutes to digest.
  4. Veg juices take about 15- 20 minutes to digest.
  5. Veg salad takes about 20- 30 minutes to digest
  6. Grains and Beans take about 1-2 hours minutes to digest
  7. Nuts, seeds take about 2-3 hours minutes to digest
  8. Meat/Fish takes about 3-4 hours minutes to digest
  9. Improperly combined food takes about 12 hours minutes to digest

It’s really a good to have an idea on above digestion chart. Instead of fast food its good for us to select Fruits and vegetables as our first option to eat. So it is necessary to take fruits at the best time as well as in proper combination of fruits.

Time Taken for Fruit Digestion

Watermelon – 20 min.digestion time.

Oranges, grapefruit, grapes – 30 min.

Apples, pears, peaches, cherries – digest in 40 min.

Consuming Watermelon takes about 20 minutes to complete digestion in our stomach.Consuming Vitamin C fruits like Oranges, grapefruit, grapes takes about 30 minutes to finish digestion in our stomach.Other fruits like Apples, pears, peaches, cherries takes about 40 minutes to complete the digest in our intestine.

What is the Best time to eat fruits
Best time to eat fruits are – Early morning in an Empty stomach.
Good time to eat fruits – An Hour before Breakfast ,Lunch ,Dinner.
Wrong time to eat fruits – Immediately before bed and Eating Fruits After meals.

I kindly request each and every reader of this blog to make sure you eat a healthy food with fruits and Forward the importance of eating fruits daily. Your comments are always welcome in my inbox dailyonefruit@gmail.com. Have a happy life – make your life happy… Cheers


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